We will be updating this page with new videos on shooting at WMS and shooting in general on a regular basis. We also invite clients to send us their videos for consideration for use

Fieldsports Channel – How to fix your rifle to shoot out to a mile – With long-range shooting technique and a few techie tweaks, Andrew Venables and the guys from Mauser get a cheap rifle, a Mauser M18, to shoot to 1,000 metres, and then its only slightly more expensive cousin, a Mauser M12, to shoot to 1,500 metres.

Fieldsports Channel – The revolutionary new riflescope from Zeiss, the V6, can now shoot long ranges. We take it to West Wales to try it out with members of the British gun trade, plus Paul Childerley and Andrew Venables from WMS Firearms Training

Hawke Sport Optics – WMS Firearms Training : Long Range Shooting Skills.

Hawke Sport Optics – WMS Firearms Training : Zeroing your Hawke riflescope

Team Wild TV – Wild Boar Hunting: Driven Hunting Shooting Skills and Techniques – With their epic adventure fast approaching, Ian Harford and Steve Wild head to Wales for some expert shooting coaching with Andrew Venables of WMS Firearms Training.

Braces Shooting & Country Supplies – Shooting from sticks – WMS Lead instructor and owner Andrew Venables has joined me for a day at our range to help practice and work on some of the core skills of shooting.

All4shooters – Long-range shooting with the MINOX ZP5 5-25×56 riflescope – We tell you about the long-range shooting in Wales with the Minox ZP5 riflescope, a great experience with the expert Andrew Venables from WMS Firearms Training.

Fieldsports Channel – How Mauser made a 1000m stalking rifle – We ask long-range expert Andrew Venables of WMS Firearms Training to put the Mauser up against a standard .338 Lapua sniper rifle on one of his big ranges in West Wales.

WMS Firearms Training – Promotional video November 2015

WMS Firearms Training – Promotional video April 2015

Episode of Realtree Global Hunting on the Team Wild TV channel. Team Wild Expert Cai Ap Bryn is out in the hills and valleys of Mid Wales with Andrew Venables of WMS Firearms Training, putting his long range shooting technique and skill to the test.

County Deer Stalking – 1. Basic Rifle Safety & The Effect of Ricochet – In this short film we aim to demonstrate how to handle a rifle safely and provide you with some golden rules when handling a firearm.

County Deer Stalking – 2. Shooting Positions – To become a proficient Deer Stalker you must learn how to shoot from a variety of shooting positions. In this film we demonstrate how to shoot from a standing, kneeling, sitting & prone position.

County Deer Stalking – 3. Long Range Shooting – Learning how to shoot at extended ranges is an important part of a deer stalkers repertoire, in this film we show you how to improve your long range shooting.

Team Wild TV – Epic Long Range Shooting – Andrew Venables from WMS Firearms Training gives tuition on long-range shooting.

See WMS Firearms Training highlighted on the renowned FieldsportsChannel.TV episode 209. Charlie Jacoby chats to Andrew Venables about rifle shooting, WMS and future plans… Fast Forward / Jump to 9:40