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Client feedback suggests that our services for professional firearms users are second to none. These incorporate training and consultancy for zoos and wildlife parks, veterinary practices, government departments, NGOs, and the police. In addition we provide wildlife management consultancy and can also undertake  culling or animal management programmes on your behalf.

Zoos and Wildlife Parks

Any zookeeper or member of zoo staff expected to use firearms for pest control or humane dispatch needs relevant professional training; without it their actions may be legally unsupportable. WMS has provided firearms training to more than 20 zoos and wildlife parks, including Knowsley Park, Longleat, Marwell, Twycross, Woburn and Whipsnade.

We offer professional, specialised two-day zoo staff training packages covering the use of firearms for animal control, management, and emergency responses. The two-day input includes an instructional classroom day followed by a day of practical shooting using both shotguns and rifles.

The classroom day includes video, PowerPoint and lecture presentations on safety and risk assessment; team work; rifles; shotguns; ammunition and ballistics; shooting techniques; anatomy and animal behaviour; gun care and safe storage.

The practical shooting day includes: safety; basic gun handling; sighting in; shooting positions; target acquisition; trigger control; ranges from 25 to 100 metres; ballistic demonstrations with rifle and shotgun ammunition; team work.

We use anatomically correct animal targets and take clients far beyond loading and firing weapons at plain black targets.

After taking one of our courses and with regular practice, zookeepers will be able to control and resolve difficult situations quickly and effectively through proper understanding of safety, weapons, anatomy and procedures.

Our two-day course is offered year round at dates to suit you. Training can take place at our facilities in Wales or we can carry out onsite training at your premises, providing they are suitable.

Police Large Mammal Despatch Courses

WMS Firearms Training is currently the only commercial provider of specialist large mammal humane destruction training to the British Police. We have provided training to 20 constabularies to date and this significantly enhances the operational competence of officers whose duties may include animal destruction tasks.

Our renowned Large Mammal Despatch Courses are tailored to meet the needs of firearms training instructors, rifle officers and all authorised firearms officers, using humane killers, shotguns, carbines, sniper rifles, and non-standard issue large calibre rifles such as .338 Lapua, .375 Holland and Holland and .458 Winchester Magnum.

Animals covered include dangerous dogs, road casualties, wild animals, farm livestock, circus and zoo animals. Clients also learn how to assess risks in their areas of operation, how to equip and train for those risks and how to be prepared for the unexpected.

The lecture packages are based on a full day of PowerPoint and video presentations covering risk assessment; calibre information; ammunition and bullet types; realistic scenarios; shooting and hunting techniques; anatomy and more.

The live firing sessions on our police courses include: close range shooting and head shots; practical hunting firing positions; using aids and supports; anatomical aim points; stop shots and kill shots; defensive and offensive shooting; team-work in relation to animal despatch.

We use anatomically correct animal targets and realistic scenarios, which maximise both the impact and learning experience.

Government Departments and NGOs

WMS works with various government departments and NGOs all of which require knowledge, research and safe solutions to hunting and wildlife management issues.

We provide ongoing training to government departments such as DEFRA and its associate organisations. Similar projects abroad include clearing wild pigs, goats, rabbits, cattle dogs, cats, etc that can breed to plague proportions and decimate native flora and fauna.

If you represent a government department or NGO and wish to discuss firearms training or animal management consultancy then please call us on 01974 831869. We have the experience, knowledge, skills, and equipment to assist.


Wildlife Management Consultancy

WMS specialises in providing wildlife management solutions to ensure best practice, fulfil your institution’s duty of care and provide excellent results.
Andrew Venables has spent more than 30 years providing consultancy services and working in the field to achieve safe, humane and cost-effective wildlife management solutions for a range of organisations including deer parks, zoos, golf courses, NGOs and Government.

He is an expert in dealing with diverse terrain and a wide variety of animals and has worked on projects involving management of Asiatic black bears and Siberian tigers in Russia, brown bears in Greece and Turkey, and all species of ape in the UK and Europe.

Most recently Andrew has provided wildlife consultancy services to Sir Richard Branson on Necker Island concerning the management, movement and territories of lemurs.

WMS has also provided training and solutions for nearly half of the UK’s police constabularies, many of its best-known zoos and wildlife parks as well as NGOs, veterinary practices and DEFRA.
Culling programmes
WMS offers discreet management and culling programmes covering everything from rabbits to deer to the largest mammals in the wild and in captivity in the UK and abroad.

We can either undertake large-scale culling programmes ourselves or can advise and train your staff to do the job themselves. The success of our work for clients such as The Gleneagles Golf Club, Machrihanish Dunes Golf Club, Royal Birkdale, La Moye and various zoos and wildlife parks proves our worth.

For more information on any aspect of our training in this area please call us on 01974 831869.