Wildlife Management Consultancy

WMS Wildlife Consultancy

WMS specialises in providing wildlife management solutions to ensure best practice, fulfil your institution’s duty of care, and provide excellent results.


Andrew Venables, CEO of WMS, has spent more than 30 years providing consultancy services and working in the field to achieve safe, humane and cost-effective wildlife management solutions for a range of organisations including deer parks, zoos, golf courses, NGOs and government.

He is an expert in dealing with diverse terrain and a wide variety of animals and has worked on projects involving management of Asiatic black bears and Siberian tigers in Russia, brown bears in Greece and Turkey, and all species of ape in the UK and Europe.

Most recently Andrew has provided wildlife consultancy services to Sir Richard Branson on Necker Island concerning the management, movement and territories of lemurs.

WMS has also provided training and solutions for nearly half of the UK’s police constabularies, many of its best-known zoos and wildlife parks as well as NGOs, veterinary practices and DEFRA.

Culling programmes

WMS offers discreet management and culling programmes covering everything from rabbits to deer to the largest mammals in the wild and in captivity in the UK and abroad.

We can either undertake large-scale culling programmes ourselves or can advise and train your staff to do the job themselves. The success of our work for clients such as The Gleneagles Golf Club, Machrihanish Dunes Golf Club, Royal Birkdale, La Moye and various zoos and wildlife parks proves our worth.

If you need assistance with staff training or the actual management of mammals to include culling, please contact us on 01974 831869.

History of our wildlife management

Wildlife Management Services came into being in 1985 when Andrew Venables became involved in pest control, deer management and assisting zoos and wildlife parks to manage stock. Prior to this Andrew worked on animal enclosure design and
construction, with WMS being the first company to design and successfully use standalone power fencing for monkeys and primates in UK zoos, including Whipsnade and the Jersey Wildlife Preservation Trust.

This liaison led to WMS initiating appropriate training programmes for zoo and park staff. This business continues today with many world renowned institutions and companies contracting Andrew for
consultancy services and sending staff for training with WMS.

For more information or to discuss your requirements please call on 01974 831869.