JULY 2018
“The Historic Rifle Day was fantastic, great value for money and with the perfect balance of shooting and history. Just what I wanted!”
Ricky B, London

“11/10 for the Historic Rifle Day: a factual, interesting, safe and instructional experience that combined shooting and the historical development of rifles. Excellent!”
Andy H, Derbyshire

JUNE 2018
“What an absolutely fantastic day your Sniper Experience is; it lived up to everything I hoped it would be and more, was a great opportunity to learn new skills and to experience an insight into professional rifle shooting. It was an absolute pleasure meeting you and thank you again for a special and brilliant time.”
Clive S, South Wales

“Yet another fantastic day, you’ve made a young lady extremely happy with a massive smiley face all the way back to Somerset and Holland. Really great catching up with you guys again and I can’t thank you guys enough for a perfect day!”
Mark T, Gloucestershire

MAY 2018
Thank you both very much for the Rifle Shooting Master Class which was was extremely well run with friendly, helpful instruction and essential safety points. You have clearly put a lot of effort into providing excellent facilities and I thank you for that.”
Robin K, Essex

“Thank you for the excellent organisation of the Browning corporate event at WMS. We all very much appreciated the location, the organisation, and most of all the dealers had a great experience with our brands. We will for sure come back next year.”
Ghislain L, Browning, Belgium

APRIL 2018
“Andrew, I’d like to thank you for the past two days of one-to-one training and the great insights and tips you shared with me. Looking forward to keeping in touch!”
Rik A, Belgium

“Excellent knowledge from Chris and great hospitality from Helena made our Sniper Experience Day extremely enjoyable for all involved. You have excellent facilities and equipment and we can’t wait to return for more!”
James and Michael W, Surrey

MARCH 2018
“Thank you for your professional tuition in the art of handling and fine tuning a rifle today. I’ve learnt a great deal in the time that I had with you and I will be all too pleased to recommend your expertise to anyone who wishes to improve their skills at rifle shooting.”
Eifion E, Swansea

“Fun, informative and very accommodating. A great Sniper Experience Day with long-range shooting. Officially hooked. Thanks guys!”
Ryan C, Berkshire

“Just a note of thanks for yesterday: we both had the best time! I am truly addicted to the 300wm. Just love it. Shooting off sticks at 400m! Wow. What a day. I just loved everything. Until next time!
John H-A, Hampshire

“I was really buzzing after Sunday on the WMS shooting grounds which certainly re-energized my full bore interests and was a fantastic day out again! Thank you very much.”
Bill F, Lincolnshire

“Thank-you for another memorable day out. This was my third visit to WMS and having the opportunity to shoot the best rifles over open country out to 1,000m is a real thrill. Andrew is a knowledgeable and enthusiastic instructor from whom I have learned a great deal. Each time I have been the programme for the day has been varied and interesting, with lots of fun thrown in. A real highlight for my friends and I was shooting the historic rifles. I look forward to returning very soon.
Oliver R, London

“I had a fantastic day shooting yesterday in the Welsh mountains with Andrew Venables at WMS. We shot everything from .22, Section 1 AK-47, .308 and .338 Lapua Magnum. I learned a lot of new things and was great to finally get my hands on and shoot a .338LM. I’ve have been waiting to do this for a long time. Can’t recommend WMS enough!!
Alex C, Surrey

“Thank you for a most enjoyable and informative day that’s given me plenty to think about and even more structure to practice within. Andrew was great company, and his considered opinion was exactly what I was looking for.”
William C,

“Please accept my deep gratitude for the days on your shooting grounds. I enjoyed every moment, despite the gusty winds and low temperatures, with you and you taught me so many things. In other words – it needs to be repeated and I have to dive deeper into the matter of long range shooting! It was a real pleasure to have met you and Helena and to enjoy your warm welcome and I hope that we will get together soonest again.”
Jurg M, Switzerland

“Many thanks for the rifle training last week, both Mark and myself hugely enjoyed ourselves on the day and it was a pleasure to meet you both in a damp but beautiful Wales. We look forward to next time.”
Robert C, Oxfordshire

“Thank you again to Andrew and Helena for the Sniper Experience Day, it was fantastic. Safe to say Vicky has been bitten by the target shooting bug and we will be back, to improve and try and learn more from Andrew.”
Guy Q, West Midlands

“I had a great day with Andrew and he more than lived up to his reputation. The dreaded flinch was sorted and I really enjoyed clanging steel at 800 metres with the Steel Core Cyclone!! Many thanks Andrew and Helena for a fantastic day and I hope to make it back next year.”
Cam N, Angola, Africa

“Thank you so much for a really fantastic days shooting. My experience with Andrew at the 1,000 meter range is my all-time most fun shooting occasion. I am so very impressed by the .308 and .338 Steel Core rifles and I had no idea I could hit targets at ease out to 1,000 meters!”
Tom C, Kansas City, USA

JULY 2017
“Thank you for a very informative and fun Deer Stalking Master Class. The teaching was pitched perfectly with clear demonstrations presented with a bit of humour. Actually the highlight was the Lemon Drizzle cake at the end of the day!”
Sam M, Essex

JUNE 2017
“Thank you very much for hosting our day at the WMS ranges last week. We had a tremendous time, and we felt that we learned a great deal. We were so engrossed that I failed to check my phone to see who was PM! We’d love to come back and C is dead keen: I wouldn’t be surprised if she adds a Schultz & Larsen to her armoury!”
The Viscount G, Sussex

“A big thank you for our day together: We all had an excellent time and J was delighted to be able to get the ‘long shot’ he had hoped for for so long. We were certainly lucky with the weather, too. We will be back again soon and I am also looking at coming down for a private one-on-one myself in the not too distant future. Once again, thank you Andrew for your help and skills on the day.”
David H, Cumbria

MAY 2017
“We had a fantastic time on the Sniper Experience Day; coming to rifle shooting as complete novices and being able to hit a target at 900 yards is incredible. This day completely exceeded our expecations and we just loved it.”
Ben K, Staffordshire

“Our first time at WMS and what a day! We don’t think it could have been any better and a massive thank you to the team, Andrew, Chris, Neil and Helena for making us feel so welcome. Absolutely fantastic! We will be back.”
The lads from East Sussex

“Thank you for all your help on the superb Dangerous Wildlife Firearms Training Course. I throughly enjoyed the day and found it extremely useful; I now feel fully prepared for my Arctic adventures!”
Sara J, Chester

APRIL 2017
“Many thanks for such a superb one-to-one day and for Andrew’s informative company. I learned a great deal with superb weather to boot and will be back for some more long-range shooting and possible wild bore fun!”
Marc K, Chester

MARCH 2017
“Thank you to Helena and Andrew for yesterday’s shooting. Both my brother and I thoroughly enjoyed it and it was all we spoke about on the four hour yourney home. It was a gift well received has sparked great interest from our friends after we sent them pictures of the day. We will arrange something with you in the future for a small group!”
Dean T, Essex

Absolutely fantastic day, suitable distance for every level of shooter. This was my second visit & already looking forward to my next.

“Excellent!I have never been shooting before and found the discipline fascinating and very rewarding. The accuracy that was developed over the day was remarkable. I will be back.”
Chris B, London

“The Sniper Experience is a really fun, entertaining day and it is amazing how accurate the long-range rifles are. We were all hitting targets at 900 yards after just one day; a really well structured day and a great experience.”
Paul B, Surrey

“10/10 in all areas and a great day of training for my first boar hunting trip to the Continent. I learnt a huge amount and am feeling much more confident with my shooting.”
Oliver H, London

“If you’re looking for superb, developmental coaching for improving your shooting, look no further.”
Dave H, Cambridgeshire

“WMS was an awesome day out and Andrew an excellent teacher to get complete novices hitting targets at 850m in challenging windy conditions. We’ll definitely be going back again!”
Shaun M, Cheshire

“Our second visit to WMS this autumn and thank you for the wonderful day. It was extremely well planned and executed and your facilites are just amazing!”
Raf’s gang

“A brilliant day where Andrew focused on solving my shooting problems, including my flinch, and establishing areas for me to practice on. Feeling much more confident at all ranges now; thank you!”
Alan V, Staffordshire

WMS’s ‘rifle range’ is nature at its best; this, coupled with the high-quality equipment and outstanding tuition, made for an unrivalled experience I will cherish.”
Stephen B, Surry

“The Sniper Experience Day has been on my bucket list for a while; it was an absolutely fantastic experience with an inspirational tutor. I loved it and would recommend the day to anyone wanting to do something unique.”
Erin H, Shropshire

“A great day out in the wilds and a unique chance to shoot at longer-range targets. Andrew’s instruction was pitched at exactly the right level, WMS is well worth the visit and there is so much left to experience when we return!”
Andy W, Cambridgeshire

“WMS is a magnificent facility and I marvelled at the dynamic nature of the range. Andrew is a truly gifted spotter; one of a handful of people who can almost sense which spot of grass moved and which did not. We thank Andrew and Helena for a superb day and booked to return immediately.”
Raf J, London
“Just a short note to both you and Andrew for a fabulous one-to-one day. It was a memorable experience and Andrew’s tuition will serve me well in future hunting trips. I’m sure I will see you again next year to continue my education!”
Nick H, Shrewsbury

“Clear and sound tuition and instruction on our group day at WMS; really good for beginners and experienced shots. A very fun day and I would love to come back again.”
Hagen F, Wiltshire

“What a great experience the WMS Sniper Experience Day is: a lot of shooting, just four in the group and incredibly enjoyable. I found it amazing that I could have a target at over 700m after just one day’s instruction!”
Ben H, Sheffield
JULY 2016
“Spot on and very informative instruction and a really great one-to-one day. I learned a lot both in terms of practical and theoretical training. Really happy; an excellent day in all respects.”
Andre R, Kerikeri, New Zealand

“The WMS Sniper Experience Day is a superb introduction to rifle shooting. High quality firearms, clear structured instruction,, excellent value for money. You will smile all day!”
Jeremy S, Liverpool

JUNE 2016
We were delighted to welcome international champion clay shooter and clay coach Mark Winser to WMS in June. This is what he said: “As an instructor myself I found Andrew’s instruction very impressive. The day was absolute fantastic, very enjoyable and extremely informative. I can highly recommend WMS for all levels of shooter and I can’t wait to return.”

“Very personal day’s tuition; informative, relaxed, and an excelleng outing wihc I and my 13-year-old son enjoyed immensely. The cake (home baked) was a particular high point!”
Mark W, Herefordshire
MAY 2016
“I have been shooting for two years but despite taking normal rifle courses, DCS1 and having good hunting experiences I did not feel totally confident with my rifle. The instruction I received at WMS was a real eye opener that has changed my shooting technique for the better and forever; WMS is the perfect place to become a complete hunter.”
Ulrik R, London

“Our group thoroughly enjoyed the day at WMS Firearms Training and that was in no small part due to the expert and friendly instruction and assistance provided by Andrew and Chris. A number of us are already planning our next visit. The absolute high spot for me can be summed up in three words “Lemon Drizzle Cake” although the shooting was pretty good too! Please accept our sincerest thanks for an utterly marvelous day.”
Shaun S, Lancashire

“The Sniper Experience Day was great fun with excellent equipment and instruction and very good value for money. Highly recommended!”
John S, Northumberland
APRIL 2016
“We are very happy to have met Andrew and Helena and very much enjoyed our three days of training with you. The instruction from Andrew was really valuable and moreover our days were a lot of fun. We are now ready to put what we have learnt in to practice now we are back home.”
Fred and Miryam S, Germany

“Andrew is a fantastic teacher and has endless knowledge about rifle shooting. It was a pleasure to spend a day here and I have learnt so much; I now feel far more confident and competent in all shooting positions. As for expectations; the day beat them and was also great value for money.”
Sam B, Hampshire
MARCH 2016
“Training of this quality is a revelation and is just not available anywhere else in the UK. The long-range facilities at WMS are sensational as are the amazing breadth of shooting areas. My one-to-one day exceeded all my expectations and was well worth the investment. My shooting skills have improved enormously.”
James S, Worcestershire

“Andrew’s instruction on my Sniper Experience Day gave me great confidence; hearing and seeing the hits on target just made my day, the range of firearms is superb and this is an experience I would highly recommend to anyone.”
Dave A, Birmingham
“I spent two days one-to-one training with Andrew and it would be hard to find a more experienced trainer. All I can say to fellow shooters is ‘Go to WMS’. It is great fun and highly valuable for your shooting proficiency for both stalking and longer-range target shooting.”
Chris M-D, County Antrim

“My one-to-one day was extremely enlightening with excellent tuition and equipment; it was also great value for money.”
Kevin G, North Yorkshire

“An incredible experience! There is clarity in the instrucion and much knowledge is imparted from Andrew’s depth of experience. A great day in great company.”
Noel H, Gwynedd

“A thoroughly enjoyable day! As a complete novice I found Andrew a great instructor and I will certainly return again once my skills have developed further.”
Vincent K, Kelso, Scotland
“An excellent one-to-one day, with excellent instruction and eye-opening insight into the world of shooting and ballistic properties. Very good value for money and Andrew is a very patient and knowledgeable instructor.”
David S, Hampshire

“A fantastic one-to-one day working on stalking skills. I now have much greater understanding of my rifle and my own abilities.”
Tim D, Glamorganshire

“The Sniper Experience Day exceeded my expectations. Try it; you’ll like it!”
David C, Surrey

“If you want to learn how to use a rifle in idyllic Welsh mountains with an instructor of Andrew’s skill, WMS is the only place to come.”
Pete R, Cheshire

“A thoroughly enjoyable Sniper Experience Day; the facilities and equipment were faultless, the instruction second to none and the day exceeded all expectations.”
Jack R, Cheshire

“Wholehearted thanks for a super one-to-one day. I learnt a lot and laughed a lot and rate the shooting areas, equipment, and instruction 100%.”
David S, Switzerland

“The best day ever; totally blown away”
Michael P, Derbyshire
“Simply 10/10.”
Curtis P, Devon

“My one-to-one day was the best birthday present I’ve ever had; great instruction from Andrew!”
Simon S, Bristol

“My expectations for our group day were very high but were exceeded no end. What a fantastic day! A huge amount of fun but also very professional.”
Mark H, Bristol
“The Sniper Plus Day was fantastic and our expectations were more than met; friendly, professional instruction, great facilities, very good value for money and totally worth the long drive.”
David K, Norfolk

“Highly recommended for the amount of ‘trigger time’ you get and very good and clear instruction. You’ll be impressed with your results at the end of the day!”
Ian P, Merseyside

“The Sniper Experience Day was great for a first time and I felt very confident by the end of the day. As the day progresses the targets get further away keeping the challenge going. Excellent!”
Julie J, Cheshire

JULY 2015
“A brilliant day as expected. For someone who thought they could shoot I learned more than I have done in a lifetime of shooting.”
James H, London

“A huge thank you for a fantastic weekend of rifle shoting with Blaser UK. Your hospitality, knowledge and warm welcome were second to none.”
Matt G, Wiltshire

“I went with a ‘hands up and help’ approach. Andrew could not have done a better job not just for me but for my son Max and my mates Damo and Mr C. Top marks and cannot wait to come back for more.”
Rob G and the Javelin Bipod team

“The day far exceeded expectations. Friendly, very professional, very informative and the most fantastic day I’ve had for years. Well done WMS!”
Scott G, Dorset

JUNE 2015

“An excellent experience and worth every minute of the 5 hour drive. Builds up experience and skill and before you know it you’re firing at targets over 800m away. Will return with friends who missed out!”
Mark H, Dorset

“Absolutely fabulous; Andrew is an excellent teacher.”
Karen A, Hampshire

“I was fortunate enough to enjoy a one-to-one day with Andrew and progressed from 80 to 800m. A thoroughly enjoyable and highly instructional day and very good value for money.”
John A, Yorkshire

“Just a short note from me to say thank you for hosting a simply splendid day yesterday. I am extremely impressed by your facility but, moreover I am impressed by the way you conducted the day from start to finish; for me you hit what I believe is called ‘the sweet-spot’ in terms of balancing a safe, fun, instructional and pleasant environment. I could not have asked for more. Thank you.”
Ian S and the MINOX Optics team
MAY 2015
“A thoroughly enjoyable day shooting in the Welsh mountains. Excellent instruction, equipment and hospitality.”
Mark C, Hertfordshire

“An exceptional day out. I learned a great deal and more than expected, especially about my own rifles.”
Frank B-S, Essex

“An excellent, friendly and very professional day with 1st class instruction.”
Jon B, Gloucestershire

“I learned more than I thought I needed to! An excellent day.”
Steve J, Cheshire

APRIL 2015
“A wonderful day in gorgeous countryside with brilliant instruction and the most fantastic equipment. Just perfect!”
Peter A, Somerset

“A must if you have any interest in firearms! The day surpassed our expectations and was excellent value for money. THe instruction could not have been better and your facilities are absolutely superb.”
Louise M, Somerset
MARCH 2015
“Great facilities, friendly people and a day that exceeded our expectations! Very impressed with your range of firearms, the superb instruction and the great value for money.”
Lewis S, Essex

“A day to remember doing stuff you only see on films and being taught to do it properly by a real expert.”
John D, Gloucestershire
“Such a treat to be back with you again. It was another outstanding day with the fantastic tuition, stunning views and such great fun. See you again!”
Charlotte and Antony S, Northamptonshire

“Far more flexible than your previous range and, as always, observant and very useful instruction. We have already emailed to book several return visits.”
James B, Shropshire

“I couldn’t imagine a better set-up. The day exceeded my expectations and was excellent value.”
Peter B, Cheshire

“We booked a two-to-one Bespoke Day to improve our shooting skills for deerstalking. We received a great welcome, thought your shooting areas were extremely impressive and enjoyed very construction and relevant instruction from Andrew. We’ll be back and will definitely recommend WMS!”
Martin K and Jeremy K, Herefordshire
“Your Sniper Plus day is superb as are the .308, .300WM and .338LM rifles we used. Shooting out to 850 metres is just awesome and this day really built on the Sniper Experience Day I did with you last year. Thank you!”
Kevin S, Hertfordshire

“I attended your Sniper Plus day and found patient and thorough instruction on a great selection of top of the range equipment. The day exceeded my expectations and was very good value for money.”
Cai L, Carmarthenshire
“I watched the film about you on Team Wild TV and just had to come and try your bespoke day for myself. 10 out of 10, Five Stars, Fantastic day and I learnt a huge amount. Thank you!”
Will H, London

“I attended a Sniper Experience Day in November and it was brilliant. The instruction was excellent and very informative for new shooters, the equipment was top of the range and very well maintained, and the shooting areas outstanding. Looking forward to coming back for your Sniper Plus day next year!”
Jamie P, Lancashire
“I found WMS on Google and it looked extremely professional. Received an excellent and warm welcome, used top class equipment—it was an honour to use it—and received the best instruction possible. A FANTASTIC day.”
Dennis P, Denbighshire

“Wow! Excellent shooting areas, 1st rate sniper systems, Andrew is a very experienced instructor. I loved it all.”
Gary M, Suffolk

“Outstanding facilities, awesome shooting areas, superb firearms, concise, professional and friendly instruction. I shall definitely be back and will shamelessly promote WMS.”
Matthew E, Derbyshire

“A very well structured day, superb equipment, varied shooting areas, excellent booking procedure and friendly welcome. Amazeballs!”
Vicky N, Derbyshire
“Read about you in the BASC magazine… friendly welcome, excellent shooting areas, superb equipment and brilliant well-pitched tuition. Liked: the whole day. Didn’t like: having to stop. Will be returning for stalking training.”
Jonathan L, Wiltshire

“Great welcome, excellent shooting areas, first class instruction. I liked it all.”
Peter W, Cheshire

“We bid for a day with WMS in the BASC Auction. Easy booking procedure, very friendly welcome, well-paced knowledgeable instruction on very good facilities. What excellent equipment! A superb day.
Andy and Nicola B

“Such a warm welcome, then absolutely exceptional instruction on very good facilities with top notch equipment.”
George H, Kent
“Excellent booking procedure, excellent welcome, fabulous shooting areas and amazing equipment. Topped by very thorough and professional instruction. Will be returning with the rest of the family.”
Neil W, Denbighshire

“A great day out on very diverse shooting areas using our own rifles: very informative and useful instruction. Excellent.”
Peter R, Essex

JULY 2014
“Very clear and precise tuition and brilliant shooting areas. Awesome equipment. Thank you Andrew and Helena for such a fantastic day.”
Adam B, Cirencester

“A massive improvement from your previous location and very realistic. Second to none instruction and excellent guidance and advice.”
Rich H, Denbighshire
JUNE 2014
“Excellent and varied shooting areas and top notch firearms providing great variety and education. Will recommend to everyone I know!”
Simon W, Cheshire

“Excellent, top class equipment; the .338 was awesome; a perfect day”

“The only thing I didn’t like was leaving.”

“Incredible equipment and shooting area could not be better.”

“Professional, knowledgeable, excellent instruction.”

“Will recommend to colleagues for a corporate day without hesitation.”

“The day exceeded expectation by a country mile; it was superb.”
Lachlan N, Nick C, Colin G

“First rate in all aspects! Will return without a doubt.
Stuart I, County Antrim, Ireland

“Fabulous day; will be back and will send my clients your way.”
Edward H, Hampshire

MAY 2014
“I came for the day to sort out my bad habits and gain confidence shooting from 200-300m. Andrew’s huge amount of experience and knowledge sorted me out. Absolutely brilliant.”
Dave R, Dorset

“Easy booking procedure, very friendly welcome, MASSIVE shooting area, excellent equipment, very good, well paced instruction.”
Julie O, Flintshire

“Great welcome, perfect shooting areas, great equipment, excellent instruction. Thank you!”
Marcus B, Hampshire
APRIL 2014
“Saw your advert in a magazine and booked a one-to-one day coming over from Ireland to do so. What a great day; loved it from start to finish. Totally worthwhile!”
Charles G, County Carlow

“A totally brilliant day; thank you so much for a truly memorable, informative, effective and fun day with great instruction and superb equipment.”
Damien H, Kent
MARCH 2014
“Absolutely great; will be back.”
Kevin L, London

“Greeted like friends on arrival; clear, considerate and expert tuition,excelling shooting area. Thank you for an unforgettable experience.”
Asa G, London
“Well set up shooting area and excellent instruction; learnt a lot about my own guns and about myself. A very good day!”
Steven O, Northamptonshire

“I really like the new location, which is much more hunting relevant and very good training for hunting scenarios. The previous place was just a range. This is a real shooting experience!”
Soren H, Copenhagen Denmark

“Very good booking procedure, great welcome, excellent, straightforward instruction. A really good, informative and fun day that built my confidence in myself and my own equipment.”
Mick B, Worcestershire
“Excellent shooting facilities; excellent instruction; excellent day!Not to be missed.”
James L, Oban, Scotland

“I had just the best day with WMS yesterday and the personal touch was exactly what I was looking for. It was pouring with rain and the wind was gusty but I learnt a huge amount. It was great to be behind the rifle with Andrew who understood exactly what I wanted to achieve and got me shooting at a level I would have never thought myself capable of in just one day! I’ll certainly be back and soon. I can’t thank you both enough, it really is a superb setup you have there, both in terms of the shooting and the excellent service you provide.”
Adam D, Devon
“Enjoyed all aspects of the day, especially allowing for wind. Great instruction from Andrew and an absolutely terrific day.”
Karen W, Yorkshire

“A very friendly welcome, great shooting area and equipment and clear, relaxed instruction; put me at ease immediately. Amazing day; thank you!”
Mark B, Yorkshire

“Ten out of ten for booking, welcome and shooting areas. Amazing equipment. The best day ever!”
Ben L, Herefordshire


“Smooth booking procedure with good level of information, great location, very good for hunting scenarios, well paced instruction.”
Tony M, Copenhagen, Denmark

“Excellent and welcoming, informative, high-level tuition; most definitely returning and have already recommended WMS to my friends.”
Mark B, Kent
“Thank you for a great, unique experience!”
David S, Essex

“One of the finest rifle shooting training areas I have seen.”
Chris R, Kent