One-to-One Private Clients



How good a rifle shot do you want to be? The essence of our bespoke one-to-one and two-to-one training is attention to personal and local detail.

When hunting in the field the skills learnt at a bench on a shooting range may not be enough when faced with tough terrain, little time and the pressure to make the shot.

Realistic shooting scenarios

Many clients wonder why they are not getting the results they require from their shooting. At WMS we train and practice as we hunt, outdoors in entirely realistic situations.

Instead of formal covered firing points, we find the best place and position to shoot from: a grassy knoll, a rock, a tree, sitting, kneeling, prone, squatting or standing. We feel the wind on our faces, look at its effect on the vegetation and trees, watch the movement of dust, mirage,  mist or rain, and use this information to judge how to make the shot.

Instead of red flags, yellow tabards and military style instruction we offer quiet advice, expert analysis of the situation and safe solutions for success.

Your day starts with a relaxed meet and greet over coffee at our HQ and a chat about your objectives. Then it’s off to one of our extensive shooting areas in our 4×4.

We begin with zero checks and some small calibre shooting to ascertain skill levels then progress through the agreed focus points of your day. These may include shooting larger calibres from standing, kneeling or using sticks, honing skills for driven shooting, using holdover for elevation and wind, and the use of ballistic charts and tactical scopes.

Solving bad habits

Our experience means we can help you address any bad habits you may have acquired as well as working on positional issues, flinching, poor trigger control, sight alignment and target acquisition.

Many of our clients visit us on a regular basis; after all Rory McIlroy has a golf coach and Andy Murray a tennis coach. Truly good shooters also recognise the benefit of regular tuition, training and practice.

Our one-to-one or two-to-one bespoke training is about you, improving your abilitues, meeting your training needs and teaching you how to solve things when they go wrong. After all no one wants a ghillie or a professional hunter to take your rifle from you to finish the job.

For more information about how we can put together a bespoke day to meet your requirements please call Andrew or Helena on 01974 831869 or email


“Just a short note to both you and Andrew for a fabulous one-to-one day. It was a memorable experience and Andrew’s tuition will serve me well in future hunting trips. I’m sure I will see you again next year to continue my education!”
Nick H, Shrewsbury
August 2016

“I stalk deer and hunt big game and came to Andrew in order to improve my shooting skills. The professional stalkers and hunters I shoot with have commented that my marksmanship has improved by a 100% in the 18 months since I began taking tuition at WMS on a regular basis. Before meeting Andrew I had never shot at ranges over 100m and I now consistently hit targets at out to 900m in all weather conditions. I recommend WMS without reservation.”
Mike P, London
April 2015

Private one-to-one and two-to-one days

Cost: From £600 inc VAT per person per day
From £900 inc VAT for two people per day

Duration: A full eight hour plus day with timings to suit you.


  • In-depth preparation phone conversation to discuss your specific aims
  • Meet and greet at HQ over tea and coffee
  • Safety briefing
  • Informal classroom sessions on specific subjects if required
  • Practical shooting instruction tailored to your specific requirements
  • Full insurance
  • Use of our rifles and equipment if required
  • 4×4 transport to and from our shooting areas
  • Hot drinks throughout the day
  • Debrief over tea and cake back at HQ
  • Free ongoing consultancy with Andrew on the best way forwards for your shooting

Clients must be 18 year old or over, provide full contact details, and pay in advance by credit or debit card to secure their booking.

Our one-to-one and two-to-one private days are booked to suit client’s diary requirements. For more information please call Andrew or Helena on 01974 831869 or email