October 2014: South Africa; Filming at WMS; Year-round Training and Covered Shooting; New Sniper Day; Gift Vouchers; PGW Timberwolf

DSC_1941WE CAN report a remarkably busy and successful two months since our last blog. The only time I was not training with clients at our own facilities, we were in South Africa working and shooting with a client on a cull hunt at Limpopo Safaris.

Money earned by Limpopo Safaris from hunting contributes to projects such as the reintroduction of rare species such as sable antelope and protects the local area’s rare white and black rhino populations. Hunted animals are skinned, butchered and the meat distributed to the safari camp to feed guests and those who work for the company, with any excess sold locally. Read more about the hunt in Helena’s article for Sporting Shooter magazine on our In the press webpage.

FILMING regularly takes place at WMS these days for shows and productions wanting our input on various aspects of rifle shooting. In the past few weeks we’ve hosted County Deer Stalking and the films made with Peter Jones and his superb cameraman include the danger of ricochets; using shooting sticks and shooting from kneeling; the best ranges to zero at for stalking; and how to set up for shots at 200-300m. These films will be out shortly; we’ll let you know when!


In early October, the folk from Team Wild TV came back for more filming. We worked with Cai Ap Bryn, a game chef wanting to hone his shooting skills, and a great film crew for two days on a variety of segments to include rifle safety, shooting positions for hunting, and short, medium and longer range shooting. We shot out to 500m as planned, then because we could, further to 700m with great success.

When you see the finished films remember that hunting is about getting close enough to be sure of your shot. Shooting at longer range targets is for practice and to get to know your kit better, like a track day for rifles. It’s also an extra string to your bow if it all goes wrong at normal ranges. We look forward to seeing the footage and thank both fantastic film crews for their hard work.

WE WORK all year round as there is demand in every season for the training we offer. Preparing for a tough winter hunt in Europe or further afield is actually better on a wet and windy day. This is because if you can make the shot with us in the face of a gale up a Welsh hill, then you can probably make it anywhere.

Clients often report that training hard with us to 500m in tough conditions meant they could confidently enjoy a successful shot at half the distance in sunshine. Train hard; hunt easy. Other clients were fully tested to the limits of our training and succeeded. They all gave it their best shot, or knew to tip their cap and pass on a shot beyond reasonable limits.

COVERED shooting is now available on another of our shooting areas and is used for some of our larger training events, corporate days and zoo firearms training courses, also giving shelter for teaching and those all important lunches.

We recently hosted a group of 12 on a hugely successful day Corporate Day, shooting a variety of .22 rimfires at 80-110m in our large quarry area, before moving on to train and shoot .308 rifles at 100-200m, with enormous fun in competitive scenarios and on our hostage target. Then it was the long shot at 840m which everybody succeeded in doing using our Tactical Rifles. Smiles all round from the clients: “The best corporate day ever and we can’t wait to come back next year.”

BOOKINGS continue to flood in which is fantastic but means we are already fully booked for weekends until the New Year. We do have a few weekdays in October and November left, so if you want to shoot with us before Christmas, call us now.

We plan to close between December 20th and January 5th for family time, to enjoy some game and rough shooting ourselves and to prepare for a busy 2015. If you want to train with us in Wales, or on location around the UK and abroad next year please do contact us early. Weekend options need booking a good 2-3 months in advance and we will of course do our best to assist.

TALKING of Christmas a WMS Gift Voucher makes a unique present and can be bought in full or part payment for any of our training days. So if you’re stuck for an idea for the shooter in your life then give us a call: for more information see our Gift Vouchers webpage.

SNIPER weapons system enthusiasts will know that WMS is now sole UK distributor for the fantastic range of sniper rifles from PGW Defence Technologies. These include the Coyote .308W, the Timberwolf in .338LM, the chosen sniper weapons system of the Canadian Army, and the LRT-3 in .50BMG.

We’re looking forward to some more testing and demonstration work with the remarkable Timberwolf which is supremely tough, amazingly accurate and fast handling; what more could you need in a tactical rifle?

TALKING tactical we have recently launched our new Sniper Experience PLUS Day which is already going down a storm. Aimed at those who have attended our popular and well received Sniper Experience Day and want to do more this new day includes shooting our 7.62×51 calibre rifles at 200-700 metres, and our new .300 WinMag and .338 Lapua Magnum at between 800-1000 metres. The rifles used are the ultimate in tactical weapons systems and fitted with genuine sniper scopes. The cost is just £295 including VAT; to book just give us a call.

Thank you for reading and look out for some more announcements from WMS in the near future.

We look forward to welcoming new clients to shoot with us soon, to seeing our regular clients back again and would like to extend our thanks to all of you for your custom and support.

Happy Shooting!

Andrew and Helena Venables
WMS Firearms Training