Hunters and Stalkers

HUNTING TRAINING: A modest investment in preparation and practice will transform your hunting ability, ensuring you can make the best of your chances and making that expensive trip far more rewarding.

With over 35 years of experience Andrew Venables can help you hone your marksmanship skills so you can make the shot on demand and, vitally, know what to do if something goes wrong.

Andrew specialises in hunting tuition for deer stalking, driven boar, African plains game, mountain hunting and dangerous game hunting and advocates realistic training and preparation before any hunting trip.

We provide renowned practical shooting tuition on 10,000 acres of Welsh uplands. You can drive around with a car full of kit, access remote ground with our Polaris Ranger UTV, enjoy a challenging “walk and stalk” or simply shoot at targets of your choice from one of our many firing points.

To gain the most from your hunting preparation we suggest a bespoke one-to-one or two-to-one day. This will give you specifically tailored tuition to meet your personal requirements whether that be trigger time, anatomical knowledge of your target species, information on ballistics and ammunition, or how to get the best out of your optics.

“We are very happy to have met Andrew and Helena and very much enjoyed our three days of hunting training with you. The instruction from Andrew was really valuable and moreover our days were a lot of fun. We are now ready to put what we have learnt in to practice back home in Germany where we manage a local deer population.”
Fred and Miryam S, Germany
APRIL 2016

For prices and more info please see One-To-One Private Clients

THEMED DAYS: these days can be organised on a date to suit your party.

Our Themed Days for groups of up to four friends are based on shooting out to specific distances and learning how to get the best from your kit. The days includes guidance and supervision and are designed for competent shooters wanting to improve further.

UK STALKERS DAY: this day focuses on positional shooting skills for deer stalking and hunting between 50-300 metres. The course appeals to those who zero for a specific distance, do not dial for range or wind, and want to learn the essential skills to bring home the venison.

MOUNTAIN HUNTING DAY: this day is designed for mountain hunters and varmint shooters who are starting to dial for windage and elevation and to learn more about shooting at longer range with small to medium calibre rifles.

LONG-RANGE RIFLE DAY: the day when we see just how far you and your kit can go. This could be 1,500 metres or further using large calibre rifles and the best ammunition. Typical calibres would be 7mm WSM, 300WM, 338 Lapua Magnum or similar with serious match bullets and tactical scopes offering dialling solutions to 1000m+.

Cost: From £200 inc VAT per person per day in a group of up to four

For more information please call Andrew or Helena on 01974 831869 or email


In mid 2016 we installed a professional 50m moving target system for driven boar, running deer and other targets.

The system, which has been supplied and installed by Laporte of France, enables targets to travel at speeds of 1-30kph up and down a 50m track and is one of the longest moving target systems available anywhere.
Clients can acquire and test their moving target shooting skills from 30-300m and shooting will be possible at the usual 90 degree angle as well as from 45 degrees both left and right to allow quartering shots. In addition the system can be started, stopped, sped up and slowed down via a radio remote control during shooting.

The installation of the moving target system gives WMS clients a unique opportunity to train and develop their rifle shooting skills and to practice for driven boar and dangerous game. Use of the system also provides invaluable experience and preparation for any hunt where the ability to shoot well from standing on static and moving targets is crucial.

One-to-one, two-to-one and groups of clients can use the moving target system as part of their day at no extra charge; please do let us know when you book that you want to use the system so we can ensure everything is in place. The system can also be hired by groups for a full or half day along with an instructor. Please contact us for pricing and availability.

“We thought we’d send you a picture of the first morning’s bag from our boar management hunt in Serbia. We had 37 the first day and 62 over the two days, including 16 keilers, two of which were bronze medals. The lads shot like demons and a lot of that was down to the excellent instruction from you this summer. Thank you again!”
The Somerset Crew
For more information please call Andrew or Helena on 01974 831869 or email