“Where is WMS Firearms Training based?
We are based in West Wales in the Elan Valley, a remote but accessible area that offer superb opportunities for safe rifle shooting in topography and conditions which replicate hunting in wild places. Our HQ is 12 miles from Aberystwyth and five miles from Tregaron and details of how to find us will be sent along with your booking confirmation.


Do I need a Firearm Certificate?
If you have your own rifle and Firearm Licence, then great. If not, you can shoot with us under Section 16/1 of the 1968 Firearm Act, subject to being of sound mind and over 17 years of age. Please contact us for more information on younger people, other exemptions and relevant legislation.


What conditions do I need on my Firearm Certificate?
For FAC holders Certificate Conditions will be checked and adhered to in all cases. To comply your condition should read something like this… “authorised to zero on suitable land over which the holder has permission to shoot”. Or… “firearms may be used on suitable ranges subject to appropriate insurance being in place…”


I am having trouble getting a firearms licence/with a renewal/getting a variation/changing a licence condition. Can you help?
Yes. Our Legal Consultant, Lachlan Nisbet, can help with all aspects of firearms law and licensing. If you need help in this area let us know and we can either find out the answer to your question or put you in touch with Lachlan himself.


How far can I shoot at your facilities?
From 50m out to 1,500m or more depending on conditions, experience and equipment. We have a choice of different shooting areas and will take clients to the one that is best suited to their requirements. Training and practice can be worked on at any distance.


Do I need to have shot before?
No. We welcome many complete novices. Our training includes a full safety briefing and full professional instruction. We love teaching people who haven’t shot before as they don’t yet have any bad habits!


How do I make a booking?
Please call us on 01974 831869 and we can take your booking over the phone. As part of our due diligence we ask for full payment as confirmation of booking.


Can you recommend local accommodation?
Yes. We have several good accommodation options, from the smartest hotels to camping, within a few miles. Please see the Local Accommodation listing on our Useful Links page.


Do you run corporate events?
Yes, we run bespoke events for companies and can tailor the day to suit your requirements; for example you can also intersperse the shooting with your own agenda of meetings. We have put on extremely well received corporate shooting days for private companies and for those within the shooting industry wanting to launch products to dealers and the press. These companies include Blaser, Swarovski, Minox and Leica.

I am going hunting and really need to practice; can you help?
Absolutely. Andrew Venables has 30 years’ experience, having successfully hunted thousands of mammals from muntjac to buffalo in a range of challenging conditions in many countries. His experience means he can relate to the challenges you will face in the field and train and prepare you to meet them. For more information see Hunters and Stalkers page


Do you provide one-to-one training?
Yes, we offer the most renowned one-to-one (and two-to-one) training in the UK and will create a day to meet your specific requirements.


I am a rifle or ammunition manufacturer; can I use your facility for testing?
We can facilitate shooting over vast areas of private land. If you make rifles, ammunition, scopes, night or thermal vision sights with sporting applications please contact us to discuss your needs. However we don’t currently work with material destructive calibres such as 50 cal and 20mm.


What calibres can be shot legally/safely?
If you can legally own a rifle in the UK, with appropriate ammunition, it can be shot at WMS subject to our standard “safe person, safe practice, safe kit, safe range” procedures. Give us a call on 01974 831869 to discuss.


Can children shoot?
Children accompanied by a parent or guardian can shoot on our nominated .22 gallery range under Section 11.4 of the 1968 Firearms Act. There is no minimum age; however as a guideline the child must be sensible, big enough to handle a small rifle safely, able to listen, and do as they are instructed. As a guide and for safety reasons we generally don’t accept children under the age of 10.


Can I just turn up?
No. Prior booking and pre-payment is required for all our courses and training days. We cannot take any clients without a prior appointment and booking confirmation so please call us to book.


How much ammunition will I need?
Better to bring too much than too little. For small calibres we suggest you bring 200+ rounds; for medium, 100-200 rounds; and for large calibres, 60-100 rounds. We also sell ammunition from our Registered Firearms Dealership enabling you to pre-order your required ammo and collect, subject to prior notice and prepayment.


What if I have to rebook or cancel my booking?
Life can get in the way at times so if you find you cannot attend on a booked day please let us know and we will do our best to rebook you. However, rebooking requests received with less than two weeks notice will be subject to a £100 rebooking fee as will be unlikely to resell the cancelled place at such short notice.

Refunds: Our terms for refunds are: over three months ahead of date booked 100% of the cost less £20 admin fee; over two months ahead of date booked 75% of the cost less £20 admin fee; over one month ahead to two weeks before date booked 50% of the cost less £20 admin fee. Cancellations received less than two weeks before the date booked will not be refunded as we will be unlikely to sell the day again at such short notice and will have already booked the instructor.

Can I extend the length of validity of my WMS Gift Certificate?
It will depend on the circumstances and extensions may be subject to a fee. Please call us to discuss and we will do our best to help. We advise all Gift Certificate holders to book their day, however far in advance, as soon as possible after receipt of the certificate.