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Review – Steel Core Designs Cyclone .338LM

Steel Core Designs Cyclone .338LM

The Steel Core Cyclone rifle stands out as one of the few ultra-modern law enforcement and military application rifles designed and manufactured in England.Available in LSR (308), similar MSR (338) and slightly modified HSR (50 BMG) formats, it’s a rifle thoroughly designed from brake to butt to work as a totally homogenous unit for precision shooters.

Review – Steel Core Designs Cyclone .308W/7.62×51


Steel Core Designs Cyclone .308W/7.62×51

Rifles don’t come much more tactical than the Steel Core Cyclone which is the best military spec sniper rifle for long-range shooting we have recently seen. Yes, we’re putting our money where our mouth is on this one and were delighted to accept the offer from Steel Core Designs, to be sole UK distributor to the civilian market for its Cyclone range.