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The all-new WMS website goes live

Welcome to the all new WMS website which showcases everything WMS Firearms Training has to offer. Our new website is a culmination of six months’ work which has seen WMS move to a new HQ, establish a choice of new shooting areas and set up a Registered Firearms Dealership and armoury.

As the best known and best-renowned rifle shooting training company in the UK WMS has also refocused its business back to its roots. This means we can concentrate on doing what we’re best at: providing the most effective rifle shooting training, preparation and practice for our clients.

The new WMS website is easily navigable and split into our areas of expertise, providing you with a comprehensive summary of what we offer, where and how. We have included a testimonials page so you can see what our clients really think of what we do, and our “In the Press” link shows the wealth of positive press coverage we have received over the past few years.

You can check us out on FieldsportsChannelTV on our video link, read what we think of a range of firearms in our Reviews section, and catch up with our latest advice via our Tips page.

We will be updating and adding to the WMS Firearms Training website on a regular basis and clients are welcome to send us their photos, videos and top tips for inclusion. We also welcome feedback on the new website so please send any suggestions or thoughts to us at info@wmsfirearmstraining.com

We would also like to thank our existing clients for their support and encouragement over the past six months and look forward to meeting many new ones.

Thank you!

Andrew and Helena Venables