Review – Zeiss Victory V8 2.8-20×56


Zeiss Victory V8 2.8-20×56

In a market where the terms ‘long range’ and ‘hunting’ are becoming closely associated buzzwords, not all scopes or rifle shooters actually meet the demands of the task. The Zeiss Victory V8 is one that really can deliver.

The revolutionary 36mm tube allows great internal mechanical adjustment range and the space to incorporate decent sized lenses, thereby combining superb optics and true long-range ability.

How much ability? Well with 21 Mils/210cm@100m of elevation travel, you can dial most calibres well beyond acceptable hunting ranges and far into the domain of acceptable target shooting and training. The magnification range of 2.8-20 might not seem enough for true target use however, at WMS Firearms Training we hardly ever feel the need for more than 25 power, even when engaging Figure 11 targets at 1,200m-1,600m.


The image resolution and optical quality of the scope combined with its fine No 60 reticle subtending only 3.3mm at 100m means you can easily quarter most targets even at longer ranges. The second focal plane setup means the reticle remains discreet in size at any magnification yet always fast to acquire due to speedy control from the intuitive illumination system. The long battery life is combined with cutting edge fail-safes to turn the illumination off automatically when not in use.

Perhaps the finest points of this scope from the WMS perspective are the ASV+ long-range turrets that are the best in the business when it comes to fast repeatable dialling for specific calibres and ammunition types. They lift to turn and clip securely back down in place with simple markings that are fast to read.

One note of caution though: the multiple turret collars are supplied to approximately suit most likely calibres, allowing reasonable placement of rounds into kill zones out to 300m plus—if you can deal with both range finding and windage effects. These are only ever an approximation and when it comes to placing bullets at long range, practice makes perfect. Highly skilled long-range rifle shooters may prefer the collar marked directly in centimetre clicks/Miliradians

Zeiss can also supply customised turret rings to clients who can supply precise bullet, velocity and atmospheric information relating to specific elevations and situations. When using any of the choices available, remember that the purpose of hunting is to get close enough to be certain of a clean kill. Never shoot at live quarry to see if you can hit it; that is what inanimate targets are for.

While there are a number of riflescopes that allow you to cross the divide between hunting rifles and target rifles the Zeiss Victory V8 is one of the best we’ve come across. In judgment, it is perhaps the only big name ‘long-range hunting’ optic that justifies its price by delivering great mechanics alongside superb optical performance.


Specifications, Zeiss Victory V8 2.8-20×56