Review – Yukon Photon XT 6.5×50 Night Vision Riflescope


Yukon Photon XT 6.5×50 Night Vision Riflescope

The Yukon Photon XT 6.5×50 night vision riflescope is a rare product in the world of shooting optics as it not only represents exceptional value for money, but also simplicity of use and versatile. It will quite frankly change the way you shoot.

The latest XT model has a 50mm objective lens that allows light to enter and fall onto a digital night vision camera. This image is then conveyed, processed and projected through the conventional looking 30mm aluminium scope tube by an internal LED screen for the user to view what is being seen.

Other than a slightly bulkier front end and obvious rubber eyecup at the rear, it mounts conventionally to any type of rifle and is zeroed using the rotary commander on the left side to move the crosshair around the screen image. This moving reticle rather than moving image is opposite to most modern riflescopes but although the crosshair can appear visibly off centre, adjustable mounts can be used if there isn’t enough travel (1m at 100m windage and elevation overall) in the unit.

With an inbuilt laser IR illuminator and three intensity levels, multiple crosshair designs and colours, you can pick what suits you and your quarry in both daylight or total darkness. Although bright conditions won’t damage anything on the Photon, a flip open lens cap has a 2mm pinhole for daylight use, a 20mm aperture for mid light conditions and opens fully for complete darkness. Extra illuminators can be mounted either above the tube or via a side picatinny rail. Brightness and various other settings are easy to adjust with no external mechanics to worry about. Powered by two AA batteries for a five hour runtime, there’s also a video-out port if you want to connect a camera or larger external screen. With 60mm of eye relief, you might want to remain below 6mm centrefire to avoid contact during recoil.

A click value of 17mm at 100 metres is quite coarse but is due to the pixel size of the display screen and this is a zero and forget scope, not really one to dial around with. Zero setting can be recorded for swaps between rifles and are quite accurate depending on the mounts used; we have had success on .22 rimfire, .17 HMR and .223 centrefire rifles. Inclined MOA rails and offset rings might be needed on some guns but once setup, it’s pretty hassle free to use and turns on or off with a single button press in a couple of seconds. The 2mm daytime aperture gives far greater depth of field from the frontally focused optic and as expected, the larger apertures for darker conditions reduce both the depth of field and clarity a touch; shooting rabbits to 150m was possible, foxes over 250-300m depending on the extra IR illuminators used. One hundred and fifty metres was pretty much the limit with the on-board unit’s illumination though. The most important limit is the distance at which you can identify and actually aim at smaller quarry in darkness which is where a simpler crosshair can be more useful.


Specifications, SYukon Photon XT 6.5×50 Night Vision Riflescope

  • 60mm eye relief
  • 810nm IR illuminator with 3-step power adjustment
  • Minimum focusing distance of 10m 4.3° Field of view (7.5° at 100m)
  • Display resolution of 640 x 480 with a LCD display and camera resolution of 656 x 492 pixels
  • Video out for capturing footage
  • Weaver accessory rail for addition of after-market IR illuminators such as the Pulsar IR X850
  • New lens cap designed to reduce light transmission should the user with to setup the scope during daylight
  • Ability to use any standard mounts for daylight sights
  • Extended operating time of up to five hours from internal batteries (2x AA)
  • IPX4 IP rating
  • Three year warranty


  • Yukon Photon XT 6.5×50, £399.95
  • Pulsar X850 illuminator, £129.99
  • Nightmaster 800 IR Kit, £189.95


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