Review – Minox ZP5 3-15×50 Riflescope


Minox ZP5 3-15×50 Riflescope

What are your options if you own one rifle that you want to do almost everything with? You need to take it stalking, you go on a driven boar hunt every couple of years, and you often join friends for some long-range shooting at steel targets.If you have a rifle and scope combination that will do all of this, you will become very proficient. Respect the hunter with one rifle.

Minox’s 3-15×50 ZP5 riflescope is a good balance between magnification, long-range ability and a compact sporting design. It isn’t the lightest or most compact but for the majority of shooters who want one optic to meet all their needs, it takes some beating, especially considering its retail price and likely deals available.

The 34mm body tube combines great glass quality and a solid build with 28 mRad (280 1cm@100m clicks) of elevation travel. This might not sound much more than competitors with sporting style turrets, which are fast to dial. However, these turrets are often limited to one rotation from a zero stop, so generally only half the available internal mechanical travel is available in the field.


Minox’s knurled uncapped turrets are low profile and unlikely to snag either on clothing or foliage; they have a solid zero stop, a clearly identifiable second rotation and an obvious tactile step between the first and second rotation. At WMS we have this optic fitted to a 6.5×55 Mauser M12 rifle; the combination is not only portable but also capable of placing dialled-in shots on targets well beyond 1,200 metres—without an elevated 10 or 20 MOA scope rail. At the same time it is still handy with generous eye relief for shots on live game from a compromised position or even when driven boar shooting.

All the usual features are in place and done superbly well with fast intuitive illumination control, various reticule choices that include aim-off marks to tally exactly in the first focal plane, and turrets that are low yet fill the hand nicely with well-defined audible clicks that guarantee exact return to zero shot after shot.


While there are other similar scopes on the market from Nightforce, Zeiss and Schmidt & Bender to consider, it is fair to note that the Minox does much the same job for around 20% less cost. At WMS we rate the ZP scopes highly and this one absolutely ticks all our boxes for both hunting and longer range shooting.

Specifications, Minox ZP5 3-15×50 Riflescope



RRP £2,100

Ian Spicer, MINOX Brand Manager, on 01494 481004 or via for further information