NEW MOVING TARGET SYSTEM: The Longest, the Fastest, the Best!

We’re delighted to announce that the new WMS Moving Target System, supplied by Laporte of France, has been installed at our most accessible site and is now undergoing testing and evaluation prior to launch for client use in March 2016.

With a track length of 50m the WMS Moving Target System is the longest in the UK and gives you a unique opportunity to hone your skills on a range of targets moving at speeds of 5-30kph.

Variable inclines and angles add to the challenge, so whether you want to try target shooting with a difference, practice your moving quarry skills in case things go wrong when you’re stalking, or train for a driven hunting trip give us a call on 0174 831869 now to find out more! Bookings now being taken now for individuals and groups.


We’ve recently opened a new shooting area in the Upper Tywi Forest. The 800 acre site is an upland oasis of hill grasses, sphagnum bog and rocky outcrops surrounded on all sides by mature forestry. The topography is ideal for safe shooting with 180 degree arcs of fire, excellent backstops and challenging wind conditions, making it the perfect location to prepare for stalking in Scotland or hunting in the mountains of Europe and further afield in pursuit of wild quarry in wilder places.

The site has some covered firing if required and hilltop locations with fantastic views to our signature steel targets placed out to 1,000m to test and educate any rifle shooter. There is also a farmhouse that can be used for indoor seminars, hot drinks and food during or after a day’s shooting. Please phone 01974 831869 to find out more or to book.

WMS one-to-one clients who want to shoot from the far reaches of our shooting areas but don’t fancy the hike to the top of the hill whil carrying heavy kit can now enjoy a trip in our new Polaris Ranger UTV.

WIth plenty of room for Andrew, you and all your gear this amazing hill-climbing vehicle is not only supremely powerful but also surprisingly comfy and quick getting to you your destination with a minimum of fuss. Vitally it also makes the perfect shelter for that all important tea break.

So if you want to try a one-to-one that focuses on making those challening long shots from the hill tops and fancy a ride in the Polaris at the same time please call 01974 831869.


Stuck for Christmas present ideas for yourself, a friend, or a member of the family? How about a WMS Gift Voucher in part or full payment for a day’s training with Andrew on one of our fantastic training areas here in Wales?

A voucher for a one-to-one day will certainly put a smile on any deerstalker’s or hunter’s face, while those hard-to-buy-for non-shooting friends and relations will love our renowned Sniper Experience Day which costs just £275 all inclusive.

For more information please go to our Gift Vouchers page and to order please call us on 01974 831869.

OUR FAVOURITE AMMUNITION: Andrew’s independent view

At WMS we use many different types of ammunition in our rifles. Here are some of our favourites which fall into the Sheer Excellence category.

  • Hornady Superformance Match in .308 155gn and 178gn Amax has proved first class in barrels from 20-26” long and produces the least dispersion at ranges of 200-1,000m of any of the ammunition we tested. Tops marks.
  • Sellier and Bellot offers a 300gn HPBT match round in .338LM. We find this exits our 26” barrels at 2,750fps, shoots sub MOA and remains supersonic to around 1,750m. Top performance and about £1 a round cheaper than most of the competition.
  • Fiocchi offers a 142gn HPBT 6.5×55 round which averages 2,650fps in our rifles and a BC of 0.611. It is probably the most accurate factory round we have shot to date. If we shoot a group over 5cm at 300m we’re doing something wrong. At 100m it is consistently within 1cm for three shots fired. We have used this ammunition at 1,000m with remarkable results.
  • 12183809_727104670728656_6507859369701183123_o


    Brand new BUSHNELL FUSION 1 MILE ARC 10×42 Laser Rangefinding Binoculars with Ballistic Calculator

    RRP: £1,050, WMS Price: £825 inc VAT and P&P to UK.
    Includes battery, carry case and neck strap.

    Andrew says: “I’ve used my Bushnell Fusion 1 Mile Arc binos extensively here in Wales and also during a tough hunting trip in Africa. They are absolutely superb, easy to use, robust and offer performance equal to solutions costing three times as much.”

    To buy now: call 01974 831869 or email

    IMG_1128A VERY BIG THANK YOU to all of our clients who have come from all four corners of the UK and from overseas, including Australia, Austria, Denmark, Dubai, France, Germany, Kuwait, the Netherlands, Pakistan and the United States, to train with us during 2015.

    Meeting clients and helping you improve your shooting skills makes what we do not only enjoyable but incredibly rewarding.

    Thank you all for your support and we look forward to seeing you in 2016: but remember, please do book early to secure your chosen dates!

    With best wishes
    Andrew and Helena