August 2014: WMS visit to Blaser HQ; CLA Game Fair; Our wedding; New shooting lodge

As Blaser fans we were delighted to be invited to visit the HQ of Blaser Hunting Rifles in Isny im Allgäu, Germany, at the end of July.

The factory tour we were given was fascinating and we learnt just how much goes into making Blaser rifles and shotguns, watching how the first pieces of unmilled steel are turned into precision CNC tooled barrels and actions. What was noticeable was the rigorous quality control Blaser has implemented at every stage of the production process: no wonder these rifles and shotguns shoot so well and are so reliable.

The highlight of the tour was the chance to shoot wild boar with the Blaser R8 Professional Success in .308 in the Blaser Shooting Cinema. To say this was exciting is an understatement and we both made several “kills” and came away completely buzzing.

We now plan to put together a WMS Boar Hunting Trip for clients, with some training attached; watch this space and please, if you are interested, let us know.

After a superb traditionally German dinner with Alexandra Baur and Darren Hull of Blaser, which featured large quantities of schnitzel, Käsespätzle, Kartoffelsalat and of course local beer, Day Two of our trip was shooting Blaser F3 shotguns at Jagdparcours Dornsberg, one of Germany’s premier clay shooting grounds.

IMG_1051Situated in beautiful rolling woodland with a huge hunting lodge at its heart, Dornsberg has a comprehensive and challenging sporting clay layout with a number of trick shots that really focused our minds.

As expected the fast and well-balanced F3 12-bore shotguns performed brilliantly whether on high crossers, fast incomers or the clay ground’s hilariously tricky bouncing bunnies.

For clients who want to come and shoot Blaser rifles at WMS Firearms Training, we have two Blaser R8 Professionals and one R8 Professional Success available in calibres 6.5 x 55, .308 and .300WM. We also have two Blaser LRS2 Tactical rifles in .308 and .338LM.

We would like to extend our thanks to Blaser for looking after us so well and for giving us what was a memorable and informative visit.


Another highlight of the summer has to be our wedding on 12th July at Nanteos Mansion in Aberystwyth. We kept things relatively small with around 40 guests, most of whom were family, and had a relaxed ceremony full of laughter, followed by drinks, dinner and dancing to Dangerous Dave (who plays blues).

We had so many good wishes from friends from all around the world via social media and email that it really felt as though they were with us too and added to the cheerful and celebratory mood.

Not being people to do things very conventionally we had actually had our honeymoon earlier this year in February (a long story) so weren’t planning on going away after the wedding.

Instead we came back to HQ and spent a couple of days getting the WMS show on the road for the countryside event of the summer, the 2014 CLA Game Fair at Blenheim Palace…and our working honeymoon.

WMS exhibited on the Lairds Sporting Directory stand at this year’s CLA Game Fair where we not only promoted what we do on our shooting areas but also showcased a range of ballistic gel and soap from Defensible Ballistics, which offers a full range of ballistic analogue solutions for all ballistic testing applications.

This gel and soap, which enables you to determine how well your rifle bullets are performing, was of great interest to visitors on our stand and a real talking point.

As well as meeting old clients and friends and making new ones we were also using the CLA Game Fair to meet suppliers of first class shooting equipment with regard to future liaison and also had a number of meetings regarding our continued business development.

Back at HQIMG_1067
For clients meeting us at HQ we have now put in our own mini shooting lodge for meets and greets, and for our famous post-shooting tea and cake. The shooting lodge is proving very popular and gives clients somewhere to relax and talk about their day.

We are also now using the lodge for the “classroom” style teaching we give on subjects such as ballistic solutions, how to set up your scopes and equipment, reloading and so on. While we hear we are good at teaching shooting in the field there is also a great deal that can be learnt over a cup of coffee and an in depth discussion.

Thanks for reading and please do contact us if you have any questions or want to book a day.

Andrew and Helena Venables