New quarry shooting area, one mile shot, zoo training, CLA Game Fair

New quarry shooting area, one mile shot, zoo training, CLA Game Fair

One advantage of living 1,000 feet up a hill is that at least we don’t flood. It has rained a lot this spring, but April saw our shooting areas dry out and the past few days have been warm and sunny so the wellies can be put to one side for a while.

Recent improvements at WMS include the acquisition of a shooting trailer allowing on site shelter and covered firing and the creation of our new quarry-based impact area on an extension to the B Range area. This three level excavation allows shooting from 50 yards to over one mile at our unique WMS steel targets with excellent bullet signature visible from the very furthest distance.

We recently held our first long range shoot into this area with two clients wanting to make a one-mile shot into the quarry. We accessed the required hill top using our Scot Trac All Terrain Vehicle as .338 rifles and all the ancillary kit add up to a lot of weight. The ATV means we can transport clients and really heavy kit to a multitude of firing points around this and other areas, now totalling some 8,000 acres.

The first round fired landed within 75cm of the Figure 11 target, with a hit achieved on round number three. Thirty carefully considered rounds were fired in total, all 300gn .338LM match rounds. The wind, mirage and light conditions were challenging and despite this, the group average was one mil of elevation and 3 mil of wind. At 1,690 metres, a mil is 169cm, for the record. We had a couple of two mil wind bumps that were impossible to account for and an interesting feature of our topography. All in all it was a great day and the clients, who were on their second visit, have already booked to return again in August.

WMS is seeing an increase in our professional training services to zoos, wildlife parks and the UK Government. The zoo courses have been very well received, with excellent feedback. We were also flattered to have a formal UK Government Evaluation of our firearms training services from DEFRA which gave WMS an overall 9.6/10 for training value and quality, which is a terrific accolade.

In July WMS will be exhibiting on The Lairds Shooting Directory Stand on Gunmakers’ Row at this year’s CLA Game Fair at Blenheim Palace from July 18-20. The Game Fair takes place a week after Helena and I get married and so we are looking forward to raising a glass with old friends making new ones. We hope to see you there.