New historic rifle shooting area; weekend bookings; more steel targets; British Shooting Show

Early spring 2017 news…
IMG_3269 (1)We’re gearing up for a busy year ahead but have enjoyed some time out to recharge our batteries. A few fishing trips in Cardigan bay produced some fresh mackerel and we’ve been fortunate to have been invited on some wonderful game shooting opportunities locally.

There really can be few more wholesome experiences than to have a day walking up woodcock behind an experienced Pointer. Many woodcock were seen, a few were shot and these will be enjoyed for dinner with a good glass of red in the near future.

We also took a few outings with small local syndicates offering pheasant and rough shooting for ducks, geese and other game over farmland in the Dyfi Valley and the freezer is now filled with healthy, natural meat.
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New historic rifle shooting area

In between these outings, we’ve been working on a new shooting area for our Historic Rifle Experience days and client walkabouts. This area combines old buildings with superb shooting out to ranges of 800m in a circular bowl of some 900 acres surrounded by forestry.

Sand bags on old boundary walls, our signature Figure 11 targets and a selection of Enfield, Mauser, Mosin Nagent and other historic rifles will combine to give clients an open sighted view of the challenge our grandparents faced during World War 2 and our greatgrandparents in World War 1. The days will be trialled in March 2017 and available from April onwards.

Weekend bookings

Clients reading this who want to come to us on the weekends please contact us soon to avoid disappointment. We are takings bookings now into the autumn 2017. Due to the demand, we will be adding VAT to our weekend bookings from April 1st onwards. We have not put prices up at all in three years. The weekday prices will remain the same for 2017, inclusive of VAT. Bookings made on weekends and Bank Holidays after April 1st will also be plus VAT.

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Even more steel targets

We’re investing in more steel targets to add to the shooting opportunities on all of our shooting areas, including our newly re-vamped big quarry, our mountainside targets and the unpainted, realistic deer stalking targets on our wilderness area.

We’ve also ordered a clever remote control system for our running boar/moving target system which will enable us to start and stop it at distance of 100-350m. The target will therefore move, just like game does, to further challenge our clients. Fancy a go? Let us know.

WMS at the British Shooting Show

Andrew and Helena enjoyed the buzz of a very busy British Shooting Show at Stoneleigh Park Exhibition Centre in mid February. Thank you to everyone who came by to see us and also to those who called us when we returned home to book in. Thanks also to Blaser Sporting and the gang for being such good company during the event. Next up is an event at Braces of Bristol in the summer. Watch this space for details.

With best wishes
Andrew and Helena