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Steel Core Cyclone rifle sales

WMS is the official distributor to the UK civilian market for Steel Core Cyclone rifles and was appointed to this role in July 2017. Steel Core Designs is a new force in the manufacture of high precision bolt-action rifle systems; its firearms are designed and built to be the toughest, most reliable and accurate long-range intervention rifles available.

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The Steel Core Cyclone range of rifles appeals to civilian shooters who want a strong, stable and superbly accurate firearm and is available in calibres .308W/7.62×51, .338LM and 50BMG. The rifles are made to be portable while being heavy enough to offer an incredibly stable shooting platform. Unique accessories such as a custom bipod, a monopod in the stock, a precise, crisp two-stage trigger, adjustable cheek piece and low shooting position combine to make shooting the rifles extremely comfortable and straightforward, even in larger calibres.

We have Steel Core Cyclone demonstrators available in .308W/7.62×51 and .338LM for clients to test and evaluate on our 10,000-acre long-range shooting facilities. We also have both of these calibres in stock and available for immediate purchase.

Clients who purchase a Steel Core Cyclone rifle through WMS are invited to enjoy a one-to-one instruction day with Andrew Venables at a 20% discount. This will enable you to set up, zero, be trained on and experience the full capabilities of the rifle at varying distances before taking it home.

Prices: Valid until 30/9/17

Steel Core Cyclone .308W/7.62×51 £4,975 inc VAT
Steel Core Cyclone .338LM £5,575 inc VAT
Steel Core Cyclone 50BMG: please call for prices

“Steel Core Designs has known WMS Firearms Training and Andrew Venables for several years and we have been using the WMS ranges as a proving ground for our rifles on a regular basis. Although we manufacture predominantly for export around the world we have seen a steady increase in the number of civilian customers wanting to purchase from us: they tend to be experienced shooters who appreciate the ability to fully test and handle a rifle in realistic conditions. Andrew’s expertise as an instructor, combined with his knowledge of our rifles and his long-range shooting facilities make WMS a natural choice for us.”
Stephen Higgs
Director, Steel Core Designs Ltd

“We are honoured to have been chosen as sole distributor to the UK civilian market for the superb, British made Steel Core Cyclone range of rifles. At WMS Firearms Training we are led by results. First round hits and accurate shooting mean everything. These rifles, which are some of the most accurate, comfortable, stable and reliable we have ever fired, enable clients who want to shoot long-range targets to achieve remarkable results. As an example novices often shoot sub minute of angle groups after just a few minutes of instruction when shooting Steel Core Cyclone rifles.”
Andrew Venables
CEO and Lead Instructor, WMS Firearms Training Ltd

Steel Core Cyclone 338 Lapua Magnum (2)

Steel Targets

WMS Firearms Training’s reactive steel targets have been designed, developed and proven by research and experience. Originally designed for use at our own facilities in mid Wales, WMS steel targets are now used by most of the British Armed Forces sniper training centres, thanks to their robustness and longevity, as well as by several overseas armed forces.

Our targets are also very well suited to rifle shooters, stalkers, varmint and target shooters who want to practice and improve their shooting as the instant audio and visual feedback helps promote faster and more precise shooting.

WMS steel targets are made of THROUGH-HARDENED (ie not just surface hardened) high tensile steel of proven ‘recipe’ and are virtually indestructible, resisting bullets and cracking from thousands of impacts. We recommend targets of 10mm thickness for mid-calibre rounds and 15mm thickness for use with .338 LM and .50 BMG.

Th targets are precision cut on computer-controlled machinery using methods that ensure the edges are not softened by heating, thereby offering great resistance to chipping.

WMS steel targets are available in designs including military Figure 11, hanging discs, hostage targets and an increasing variety of life sized quarry shaped options such as crows, rabbits, foxes, muntjac and roe buck. Life-sized wild boar, Marco Polo sheep, buffalo, red deer and other designs of your choice are vailable to order. Stands are available for soft and hard ground as required and all targets are ISO9001 compliant and come with a safety information sheet.

We do keep some of the smaller targets in stock at HQ but the majority are cut to order. Completed orders will be delivered to clients within 30 days of confirmation and payment. Delivery costs vary so please contact us for a quote.

We can also design, manufacture and supply custom animal silhouettes, reactive targets, reset targets, and police/military targets.

Targets are available in the following formats:DSC_5462

Figure 11 profiles
Life-sized animal profiles:

  • Crow
  • Fox
  • Muntjac
  • Roe Deer
  • Wild Boar
  • Marco Polo sheep
  • Buffalo



Steel Target Prices ex VAT. Valid to 30/09/2017

Price ex VAT
Roe deer, standard 500 ABRO 10mm £295
Roe deer, artistic 500 ABRO 10mm £495
Spike base for roe 500 ABRO 6mm £105
Muntjac with cross base 500 ABRO 10mm £150
Muntjac with cross base 500 ABRO 15mm £200
Life-size wild boar with cross base 500 ABRO 10mm £575
Rabbits, crows and foxes with spike base 500 ABRO 10mm £75
Falling Plate – 250mm disc 500 ABRO 10mm £40
Hanging disc -250mm diameter 500 ABRO 10mm £50
Hanging disc – 500mm diameter 500 ABRO 10mm £150
Hanging disc – 900mm diameter 500 ABRO 10mm £270
Swinging target, 250mm kill zone 500 ABRO 10mm £365
Target bases
Spike base plus spacers 400 ABRO 10mm £95
Turning targets base and splash plate 6mm £95
Stand base, 900mm 500 ABRO 10mm £125

The spike base is suitable for soil, sand, sleepers with slots, or metal brackets which can be fitted to wood, brick or concrete range mantles. The turning target base works with Militec and other systems.

The swinging targets have a flat base with drilled holes for bolts or ground spikes.


We hold a stock of ammunition in calibres such as .22rf, .223, .243, 6.5×55 .308, 300WM, .338LM.375H&H and .458 Win. If you want to place an order please give us a call and we can arrange a time for collection.

In addition we provide an order service for special calibres and specifications in batches of 200 rounds or more, providing we are given 4-6 weeks’ notice and pre-payment. We will then hold the ammunition as bonded stock for clients, for collection and entry onto FACs as required.

For more information please call Andrew or Helena Venables on 01974 8318679.